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re: New Site and the Future of the Clan


This News Bulletin is just an update and to begin Hope you had a wonderful holiday, and have a happy new years. remember if you're 21+ be smart and don't drink and drive.
-I have begun production of the new site as of Christmas time it should be up by at least Valentines Day .
-The Youtube channel will be getting new periodic videos (of course it will still be PC games only, for now, and they won't be any NEW games like AC Syndicate. at least until I build my own custom computer anyways).

-We are now officially a part of Halo 5 and Ark, on ALL platforms, is soon to follow.

-Much more News coming in the near future.


Now onto the important news until the new site is live please continue to use this site, Thanks In advance.

-The Clan will continue to evolve and change over the coming years, maybe not much but still.

-We are accepting Alliance Invites from other clans, so if you're part of one already please do let them know that SOTV (soldiers of the void) is accepting Alliances.

-A new Progression system is in order as of 12/25/15. this new progression system requires you to be an active site member (checking in every week since that's when New news will be posted). when you recruit someone to the clan you will gain, Like in an RPG, Experience that will allow you to reach the next rank. If you have joined one of our gaming Clans (e.x CoD) you will be evaluated on your gaming progression as well, also your Gaming behavior (E.x Cheating on CoD) Will get you either Promoted or Revoked in level. Remember we play for fun but for competition when with other clan members, and now with other Alliance members.

-More Clan Update news to follow in the Near Future.


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